Private Scholarship a Nuisance

Private scholarships are need- based scholarships or the financial aid given to students to continue their further studies. There are many types of private scholarships like merit based, need-based, student-specific, career-specific etc.  Private scholarships are offered mostly by national private or non-profit organizations. In order to qualify for private scholarships you need to enter a draw and there are often requirements of these scholarships to write essays etc.


The different types of private scholarships as stated above have different criteria’s, the need-based scholarships are for those students who are good in studies but cannot afford their higher studies due to their financial issues. Then there comes the merit- based scholarships that are offered to students on their academic records, co-curricular activities and other achievements. Career-specific scholarships are given to those students who wish to choose a specific field and make their career in those fields.

There is a basic criterion to get private scholarship every university or college has almost the same criteria. When applying for the private scholarship there is a form, which has all the basic information of the applicant, financial background, achievements in the previous colleges etc. this is because every college has set criterion for these kind of private scholarship if the student lies in this criterion then the scholarships are given to the students. Most of the institutes also tell the applicants to write an essay or give an interview in order to get the scholarship.

An example of a private school grants is by different universities offering scholarships for students in the local community. The programs are for the students who hold very high academic records but are not able to apply in to good colleges due to their background and financial issues. In these programs the officials of the university carry out a test in different small towns and schools and select students from these areas. The selected students are then invited to respected universities for the final test preparations.

There are pros and cons of everything private scholarship also has its negative impact. Most of the time there is biasness when selecting an applicant. Minorities are given more preference in private scholarships, which affects the opportunities for the other deserving students. These types of scholarships brings jealousy and hatred among the students, the students with private scholarships tend to become rude because of their achievements. The students who are not able to get private scholarships tend to lose hope and they start lacking in their academic career, which leads to the loss of a bright future.

In my point of view, private scholarships are not a nuisance they are great opportunity for the bright students who do not get a chance to prove themselves in this competitive world with all the competition. But still there should be a fair criterion so that every ones gets a fair chance to compete with each other.

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